The human and its limits

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Margareth Hagen / Randi Koppen / m.fl.

The Human and its Limits

Explorations in Science, Literature and the Visual Arts

A collection of essays exploring the limits of the human in a wide range of, and the intersections of, literature, visual arts, science, and philosophy.

This collection of essays brings together a wide range of approaches to the changing notions of the human and its limits in Western thought.


In a time often referred to as ‘posthuman’, the long history of fascination with the origins and potential ends of the ‘specifically human’ continues to intrigue, developing in complexity and changing in actuality along with current advances in science and technology.


Today’s intelligent machines serve as means as well as models in attempts at understanding and controlling biological and cognitive processes. In the age of cyborgs and neuroimplants, experiments in cybernetics and biocybernetics are producing entirely new modes of being: a posthumanist community of humans, animals and machines that nonetheless remains a site of ethical and emotional dilemmas.


The fundamental question is still with us: how to think (and rethink) the limits of the human in the wake of the posthumanist critique?

Margareth Hagen
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Randi Koppen
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Margery Vibe Skagen is Associate Professor of French Literature.
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