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Founded in 1989, Spartacus publishes about 40 titles annually.
Our list includes a wide range of distinguished non-fiction works spanning documentary, history, popular science, the arts, biography/memoir and philosophy.

We are also committed to publishing reprints of classic works and translations of some of the foremost non-fiction writers of modern time, including Roland Barthes, Ishmael Beah, John Dickie, Peter Englund, Alex Kershaw, Loretta Napoleoni, Friedrich Nietzsche, Malalai Joya, and James Wilson.

We also publish academic works, text books and research-based works under our imprint: Scandinavian Academic Press (see


HAGEN AGENCY by Eirin Hagen
Phone: +47 22 46 52 54 / + 47 934 110 56
Post: Lindemans gate 3 D, N - 0267 Oslo

For reading copies or general information about the books, please contact
Hanne Line Solem

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Foreign rights / Agency
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